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2 Hr Consultation

Give that "Special Someone" an In-House Interior Design Consult to help them take their first step towards creating their dream room(s) design they always wanted (or need!).  InteriorYou will send a representative to their home where they'll do a walk-thru of the home to give them advice on:

  • Stylization / Determination of Style

  • Space Planning / Room Layouts

  • Color Palette & Coordination

  • Accessories / Artwork / Lighting Recommendations

  • Flooring & Wall Texturing Ideas

  • Purchasing Outlets Recommendations

It's All About Everything

Improve your success in both business and personal arenas through the implementation of these easy to understand rules within It’s All about Everything. Byron Kidder is an avid entrepreneur, leader, and consultant who has created rules throughout his successful journey. He has shared them with his own employees, helping them achieve unlimited success, and now wants to share them with you. These commonsense rules apply to any situation, regardless of your career or field of specialty. This is a must read for anybody in sales, management, or entrepreneurship. It is equally applicable to those seasoned employees who simply want to keep their skills fresh and relevant.

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